Excellent Manufacturing Setup

- B.K. Choung POI-CORE

Yamuna gives us a very good impression here we witnessed very good facilities & professional management. Look forward to meeting your team in Beiging

– Nilo Han Guoliang Beiging Hezong Science & Technology Co. Ltd. China China

It was very interesting and beyond what I have expected, hope for future co-operation

– Abdalla Mohamed Karoom Sudabu Trading & Investment Sudan Sudan

I am glad to visit this factory which design and manufacturing the Elect. Switchgear, Insulators and Cable Accessories really the products in good and rigid and more suitable for hot countries like my country.

- Towfiq Saif Hazza Elect. Public Corporation, Aden South Yemen South Yemen

I am very happy to visit your factory and see the excellent product from cable accessories, we wish to start good relations to my company from now, and use your.

– Farooq Ali Salen PEC Aden Branch South Yemen South Yemen

This is one of the best factory, I have seen in India, very well laid out clean and organized. Whose look very smart with uniform and all protective equipment look forward to working with you.

– Freddy Sherman Y.B.A. Kanoo  Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Your products are excellent your packings too are good. Please continue to do your good work, God Bless You.

- Baffour Qsei Akotu Electricity Company of Ghana Ghana Ghana

I would like to mention that I have gained a lot of information about H.S. Technology during my visit to YGCL. I would like to thank all the staff of YGCL and especially Mr. Ravi for the great hospitality received from them. All The Best in Future.

- Yousif Ahmed Aredha (MEW-EDD), State of Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain

Thanks for the very warm welcome of all the team. Hope to see you all in France and also hope to begin the business together.

- Noel Bouny (Seran company) France France

Thank you for your invitation. We are happy to co-operate with your company in the future.

- Zahair A.Hamid (AL Wazeen Trading Company) Iraq Iraq

It was very useful visit for me; it gave me idea about capability in manufacturing cable accessories and to know that you have very well experienced staffs.Looking forward to establish long term relationship with your esteemed company.

- Zuhair H. Al. Halawani (Orient House Electromechanical Company) Jordan Jordan

Thank you for the opportunity given to visit the works, inspect the production activity, for the products manufactured by YGCL. It was a pleasure visiting and getting to know more about the products and meet with the relevant people involved with these activities.

- Mohammed Ashfaq Saeed (Darwish Trading), Doha Qatar Qatar

During my visit to the factory we checked the Production Line, Quality Control System and we found it ok. We hope a good business for you in Saudi Arabia and in all over the world.

- Mosallam Salem Al.Solamy Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Came to see the firm where the medicinal plants are being cultivated. Nice to see the factory as well.

- Mr. Johann Managing Director (Exsem India Krishi Binash Pvt. Ltd.)Germany Germany

Very impressive manufacturing process. A good test lab that leaves the product with very high integrity.

- Engr. Onjeneke C. Emmanel Head Technical Services, (Power Holding Company) Nigeria Nigeria

I had keen interest to see this esteem factory and very interested in the Joints and its product. This great company have supplied Iraq, the Electricity Board. We hope to strength the cooperation.Wishing great future.

- Dr. Migdad T. Younis (University of Technology), Baghdad Iraq Iraq

Excellent and Well managed factory. We are practically struck by the high standards of house-keeping. Good products come from good companies! We look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship between our companies and to a lengthy and successful personal relationship!!!

- Tony Oteng-Gyasi & Mrs. Barbara (Tropical Cable & Conductor Ltd.), West Africa

A Great Team Of Hard Working People.

- Lee Parsons (CCC Midoce), East Fzco

Was a pleasure meeting the whole team. Look forward to it sometime soon.

- Guninder Sandhu (E.J.Mc Kay & CO. Inc.) India India

Very good to meet the Yamuna India Team. Best Regards to them.

- Brad Dowe and Mike Hamer Regend

It was very good experience to visit Yamuna factory and understand the process of manufacturing HV & LV insulators.

- Moosa AL. Nabhani oman Oman

Very good Factory Set-up, Landscape and Facilities. Keep It Up!

- Perm Chand Bhatt General Manager (Global Corp.), Muscut Oman Oman

It is pleasure visiting Yamuna Gases again and meeting Shri.Sardana, an old friend. I find myself, in known persons in this old known area, quiet comfortable and hope that this re-union will help both the organisations march faster with better growth. I wish Yamuna Gases all the Success in times to come!

- Shri. U.S.Bhargava General Manager, North Zone, (Punjab National Bank) India India

Very Positive Impression, especially the management. Thanks!!

- Santiago Diez (ENDESA) Spain Spain

Potential, Warm Hospitality. Very open for discussions and opinions.

- Abdullah Belhous (SESP ) Germany Germany

Good Entrepreneurship & Market Knowledge.

- Rocand De Wolf (Mexicans Accessories Business Grout) Mexico Mexico

Impressive Capabilities, Oragnised, Clean, Professionals !!!!

- Pau Mestres (Nexaus) Italy Italy

Your products are excellent. Your packings too are good. Please continue to do your Good Work. God Bless You.

- Baffour QSE Akato (Electricity Company of Ghana) Ghana Ghana

I am happy because of their full cooperation and kinds of people I meet. Thanks A Lot.

- Ahmed Hussein Abd rd Samed (FEWA) U.A.E. U.A.E.

Nice to see the firm and the factory.

- Arnitoryn Challerjer Director (Exsem India Krishi Binash Pvt. Ltd.), Kolkatta India India

According to what I saw, Here is highly developed system, here is cooperation. We hope you keep developing together, both with Product and Human Resourse Development.

- Abdel Aziz Moursal