Insulation End Caps upto 36 kV

Insulation End Caps upto 36 kV

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The insulation end caps are used to seal the reserved bushings and bushings from which the separable Tee connectors have been removed at maintenance.To insulate and seal the live reserved bushings,to provide dust-proof, moisture-proof and sealing protection for the uncharged bushings.


  • Suitable for Type C or Type E bushing
  • Made of High Quality Silicone Rubber
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Provide Full Screening, Insulation
  • Provide Sealing Protection
  • Easy Installation and Uninstallation
Insulation End Caps upto 36 kV

Electrical Performance

Rated Voltage 15 kV 24 kV 35 kV
Rated Current 630A 630A 630A
AC Withstand Voltage 42 kV/5min 54 kV/5min 117 kV/5min
Partial Discharge 15kV<10pc 20kV<10pc 45kV<10pc
Lighting Impact Voltage 95kV (±times) 125kV (±times) 200kV (±times)
Shield Resistance <5000Ω <5000Ω <5000Ω